sherry ears 2Wow, an ‘about’ page! Hot diggity!

This blog is by me—a middle aged (some would say ‘older’ since supposedly you only live about 70 or 80 years….So, take your choice. I’m an almost 57 year old woman, widowed at age 52. Left behind, I guess you might say with 2 daughters, one in college, one on the very edge of transitioning to ‘majority’….this is a matter of paperwork and the goals carefully aligned for her over the last few years. The youngest girl has special issues, and I have carefully, blindly, fumblingly, stumbled around, finding the right way for her, finding out who she really is, (it took her a while to understand, too, and even now, I hope she continues to see herself in a really positive, life shaping way, but who knows? I found the right organizations to help, once I moved to Maine, and instead of dreading the future and hoping I have made good decisions, I’m looking forward to implementing them, and want the very best growth for both of those girls who I love so much. AND I am looking forward to doing my own thing, someday, someday….. my blog http://www.hopefulcircus/wordpress.com

I have a parrot, named Arlo, who’s been with me at least 23 years. Numerous unnamed dogs, mostly poodles of various heights and a german shepherd.
I served in the military for nearly 11 years, so long ago!
I believe in self sufficiency, but I know I cant be 100% about it. Doing my best with chickens, getting homegrown meat from my neighbors, raising vegetables, when the Maine weather allows.
Thanks for reading–trying to improve, trying to ‘lighten up’
How am I doing? Got anything in common with me? Talk to me! I’m interested in you, and learning this website too.


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